The Missing Link – Special changethis edition

A special New Year’s edition. Enjoy!

The Missing Link #66

Every time I send out a newsletter, I wonder whether enough interesting content will pop up to fill the next one. But the Internet never fails to deliver…

This time the articles answer some fascinating questions: How did Putin become a brand? How did Fortnite conquer the world? Who’s wealthier – Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian? What was the key to France winning the world cup? And how did it feel to work at Google and Facebook, back when the two giants were merely start-ups?
For the Putin article, I drew Putin with the Infinity Gauntlet…


The Missing Link #31-32

Anyone who doesn’t believe in miracles is not a realist [David Ben Gurion]

A belated newsletter – but a double issue!

With a summary of Trump’s first 100 days, a remarkable bias named “linear thinking”, an AI that identifies the most┬ácommon emotional trajectories in stories, a legendary start-up pitch, a striking holocaust memorial and much, much more.


The Missing Link #28

Keep starting until you finish [Seth Godin]

What’s the opposite of more? Why do beliefs trump facts? Why do people love Domino’s pizza? What’s the value of a Like on Facebook? How do you retrain 100,000 employees? What is Netflix’s long-term strategy? All this and more in the latest newsletter.


The Missing Link #26

I find your lack of links disturbing…

[Darth Vader for The Missing Link]


This week’s newsletter tackles some tough questions: Could Trump turn the US into an autocracy? Is Steve Bannon out to destroy the world? Is Amazon good or bad? Can Google’s strategy be summed up in two words? And what does Cambridge Analytic know about you? Enter The Missing Link to find out the answers…


The Missing Link #25

I am not a troll!

[Richard Nixon to The missing link]


The latest newsletter is about constructing reality. How Trump does it. How both technology firms and start-ups do it. How the film industry does it. And there’s Russell Westbrook, as well!

The Missing Link #24

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication [Leonardo Da Vinci, sporting his new Snap Spectacles].


The latest newsletter is a tribute to renaissance men: Seth Godin, Shigeru Miyamoto, Louis CK, even Mark Burnett…


The Missing Link #22

Don’t link back in anger [Jeff Bezos for The Missing Link]


The latest newsletter celebrates the end of 2016 and looks forward to 2017.

The photos, the moments in sports, the business books, the memes, the maps, a Wired issue dedicated entirely to stories about the future, Putin and one Jarvis. Enjoy!


One more link… [The Missing Link #20]

After I sent out the most recent newsletter, I realized it was a bit grim. The truth is, it’s merely a reflection of our chaotic world.

At least the drawing is positive! Oh, wait…




The Missing Link #19

Knowledge has a beginning, but no end.

BKS Iyengar


Why did they vote for Trump?

That’s the first link in the newsletter. The rest are not as important…