One more link… [The Missing Link #20]

After I sent out the most recent newsletter, I realized it was a bit grim. The truth is, it’s merely a reflection of our chaotic world.

At least the drawing is positive! Oh, wait…




The Missing Link #19

Knowledge has a beginning, but no end.

BKS Iyengar


Why did they vote for Trump?

That’s the first link in the newsletter. The rest are not as important…


The Missing Link, October 27

“You WANT me on that wall!”

[Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Links”]


In the most recent newsletter, you’ll find three valuable slide decks, a youtube channel worth subscribing to, a ranking of the world’s best CEOs, a profile of Leonard Cohen, and even some German scientists from the Third Reich.



The Missing Link, October 13

“This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”

[Humphrey Bogart, for the Missing Link]


Fighting climate change, selling water, digging for cobalt, relocating to Mars, ranking brands and rating profanity – you’ll find all of those and more in the most recent newsletter:


The Missing Link, September 29

“Speak softly and carry a big [selfie] stick”
[Teddy Roosevelt Snapchatting with The Missing Link]


The current newsletter is one of contradictions. On the one hand, a cheating startup, police violence, giant monopolies and human error. On the other, inspiring words from a departing president, a startup seeing rainbows and the best TV series ever. Enjoy!


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The Missing Link, September 15

“You ain’t nothing but a link-hound”

[Elvis singing for The Missing Link]

Inside the newest newsletter: Donald Trump, Elizabeth Holmes, Jeff Bezos, The Wright Brothers, Bill Bernbach… and Elvis.



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The Missing Link, September 1

“There’s only one thing in life worse than having a broken link, and that is not having a link at all”

[Oscar Wilde on The Missing Link]


[I thought of drawing a smartphone for him, but he’s too dandy for that]

In the latest newsletter, get high on technology, get high on social media, get high on drugs, get high on changing the world, get high on art, get high on sports drugs:…/lett…/a-broken-link-the-missing-link

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